A Note From Social Media For Wellness President Kiara Low Dog

I started Social Media for Wellness because I noticed a glaring absence of  conversations about health taking place online. The average American consumes 10 hours of content a day, and health is the second most searched-for topic online, yet many people in the field are absent from and inaccessible to those searching. There is a lot of bad health information online, and it is unfortunate that the voices that could remedy this remain silent.

After studying medical anthropology in college, I gained a far deeper understanding of the relationships that people have with their health and healing. The part of my studies that most struck me was the trust that was forged between the healer and the patient. Many people may not think twice about their relationship with their healers, due to the limitations of time. Social media allows healers and patients to continue their conversations outside of the office, and helps establish evolved relationships between them.


Social Media for Wellness is a social media marketing and management company that works exclusively with those involved in the health and wellness industry. Partnering with individuals and organizations alike, we believe in working hard to help the good work you do go even further.

All of the content we create is guaranteed HIPAA and FDA compliant. We have worked with allopathic doctors, integrative and functional medicine doctors, nurse practitioners, acupuncturists, herbalists, health coaches, wellness clinics, medspas, and are open to working with any health and wellness practice


We work exclusively with those in the health and wellness industry because we understand that health (care) marketing requires a tailored approach rather than the typical model for marketing products and celebrities. Health can be one of the most personal and delicate aspects of our lives, and those searching for health information online are often anxious, and concerned for themselves or a loved one. Reaching these people isn’t just about selling goods and services; it’s about extending a trusted hand to those in need. It’s about being a resource and an ally, and we get that. That’s why we market using what we call the “soft-sell” method.


Social Media for Wellness is partnering with integrative health professionals to promote and facilitate healing and well-being, resources and education to individuals and their families. Our goal is to work closely with healthcare professionals to reach a wider client base and maximize effective communication with each other. Our innovative strategy is to utilize and optimize all social media and its’ tools to reach this goal using a more humanized and personal approach to encourage and engage in open dialog and for clients to make informed decisions regarding their own healthcare

40% of people said information found via social media effected how they or someone they knew coped with a chronic condition, their view of diet and exercise, and/or their selection of a physician.
Pew Research


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